About CareALL OTCs

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CareALL’s quality, over-the-counter medications are wide-ranging, with products available for people of all ages, and can be used from head to toe. We are proud to offer OTCs at a value compared to name brands, while still meeting the same strenuous FDA manufacturing standards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

New World Imports is the FDA registered labeler of all CareALL branded products. We partner with reputable manufacturers across the globe, working closely with each to ensure all required quality standards are met.

We have OTC products for allergy, cold and sinus, wound care, antifungal needs, digestion, eye care, muscle relief, pain management, and skin protection.

CareALL OTC’s meet the same strenuous FDA manufacturing standards as the name brands, and our active ingredients are proven to contain the same strength as national name brands, but are offered at a value, comparatively.

When you buy CareALL products, you are buying quality, safe products at a value compared to the national brands. CareALL over-the-counter medications are proven to contain the same strength of active ingredient as the national name brand equivalent, and meet the same FDA manufacturing standards.

Our active ingredients, which are the ingredients that treat your actual symptoms, are proven to be comparable to the active ingredients of the national name brands. The inactive ingredients, which consist of flavoring, fillers, fragrances, etc., are not required by the FDA to match those of the name brand counter-part.